The Reception Marquee at Poundon House

The reception marquee at Poundon House makes a stunning place to host your Wedding Reception. Your guests will be taken by its size and beauty. Its a very unique structure.

Situated beneath mature beech trees, surrounded by a yew hedge which is over a 100 year old, in a secluded part of the grounds is our Reception marquee.  The Reception marquee at Poundon House is the perfect setting for any event or occasion, during the day, evening or night. It can seat up to 350 guests at round tables at full dining capacity and is a visual treat with it’s beautiful hand printed lining.  The marquee can be arranged, screened and partitioned in a variety of ways to allow you to host the event you’ve dreamed of.

We can provide dance floor, staging, tables and chairs etc.  To see a full list of included equipment, click here.  There is plenty of space for a band or DJ to provide you with music as the celebrations continue into the evening.  With a drainage system if it rains, and plenty of French doors that can be opened if it’s hot, no matter what the English weather brings nothing can spoil your day!  There is a large grass lawn leading on from the French doors which is often used for children’s games, bouncy castles, cushions, picnic rugs, BBQ, whatever you want!

We have hosted all manner of occasions in the Reception marquee at Poundon House from Asian blessings and ceremonies, conferences, workshops, lunches and of course, its original intention, Wedding Receptions!

The Reception Marquee at Poundon House is available from April to October for events, but please talk to us if your event falls outside those dates as it may still be possible to host your event there, depending on your requirements.

Take a look at our Real Weddings page to see how our Poundon House couples have decorated the marquee.

Contact Natalie at for more info on how Poundon House will make your perfect wedding venue.

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We are very sorry that we are no longer accepting any enquiries for new weddings at this time.