Bijal and Nishil’s magical Indian English wedding

What a stunning Indian Bride is Bijal for her magical English and Indian inspired wedding to Nishil at Poundon House. A wedding day that reflects their English and Indian heritage.

This wedding you need to have a cuppa in hand, be cosy and enjoy these fabulous, colourful wedding photo’s that shows what an incredible Summer wedding Bijal’s and Nishil had! Its been worth the wait to see the photos!

We find that Poundon House is the perfect venue for couples wanting to reflect their cultural traditions and create their own traditions. I think nothing reflects this more than a wedding. Not only bringing families together – in addition to the new family that is being created – but creating a day that visually represents cultural heritage too. A wedding is such a personal event. It encompass’s love, the past journey of the couple, and the future one that awaits them. Its also a very creative day, as you can see from Bijal’s and Nishil’s photo’s, lots of attention to detail to reflect their personalities!

At Poundon House, we have a Civil Licence so you can have your Civil Ceremony and also a Blessing at the same venue. It really makes for an exciting day for your guests. If you are also staying over, you can really make yourself at home, and relax and enjoy the whole weekend. That’s what Bijal and Nishil did – they held their Civil Ceremony on one day, and the Mandap Blessing the following day so that they could enjoy each part of their ceremony without feeling rushed. As we only ever have one wedding on a weekend, Poundon House is your home from home to hold these special moments in your life!

Here is Bijal’s own words of her wedding day.

Nishil & I got married at Poundon House on 9th and 10th June 2017. As soon as we visited the house, we knew it was the right choice for us; we wanted a place which could reflect our upbringing in England whilst paying tribute to our Indian roots and Poundon House was a perfect base of British countryside which we could mix with our Indian culture. When we saw Poundon House, my heart lifted and I knew I could have the wedding of my dreams – far enough away from London to feel like you’re somewhere completely different but close enough not to encounter the logistical difficulties of a wedding abroad.
We had so many ideas for our wedding and wanted something small (hard to do with an Indian wedding!), quirky and fun to represent our own style. The team at Poundon House, especially Natalie and Esmond, worked tirelessly with us to make our ideas come to life, which we are so grateful for.

Relax and enjoy these beautiful images taken by Alpesh Rabadia Photography

Flowers by Joanna Carter Flowers

Balloons by Balloontastic

Catering by VIP Lounge

Rickshaw by The Rickshaw Wallahs

Sweet Treats by Sweet Treats


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