We are looking forward to working with you at Poundon House, but you need to read and sign our terms of use before we can do that.  You will only need to do this once to work with us and if you have any questions please contact Esmond on 07931 467 515.

Terms of reference - 

ES - (Event Supplier) - Yourself -

PE - (Poundon Events) - Us - Poundon Events LLP

EC - (Event Client) -  The Person or Company who has booked your services for an event at Poundon Estate. (Where applicable)

Pre Event

The ES shall:-

Confirm all site access requirements prior to the event.

Confirm that there is a list of all names of staff working for them for the purposes of a roll call.

Confirm and detail what equipment they intend to use during the event.

Confirm times for the delivery and collection of any hire items e.g. plates, table clothes, lights, PA equipment e.t.c. Any hire / items being left for collection must be stored in an location agreed with a PE manager. (We do not offer secure storage of any items being left on site)

Provide copies of all relevant documents prior to an event, e.g. Food Hygiene, Public Liability and relevant Health and Safety and Risk Assessments.

During Event

The ES shall:-

Arrange a meeting with a member of PE on arrival to go over the Fire Action Plan, introduce themselves and share any relevant contact details.

Not carry out any electrical or other works within the house and grounds including any amplification and lighting without PE’s prior consent.

Not bring any dangerous or hazardous items onto PE’s property and remove any items promptly when requested by PE.

Use no material of any kind to fix to any floors, walls, and ceilings without prior approval from PE.

Only park vehicles on those parts of the estate authorised by PE for that purpose.

Shall undertake whatever steps may be necessary to prevent access to unauthorised areas and to prevent undue litter, nuisance or damage.

Use only the rubbish and recycling bins provided and ensure all waste is in the correct bins prior to departure.

Not act in an improper or disorderly manner, leave promptly at the appropriate time and obey any reasonable request made by PE’s representatives.

Undertake not to smoke in any part of the House or Marquees.

Not use the antique polished furniture as a surface for anything or to move any furniture without express permission from a PE representative.

Protect all floors and surfaces from anything hot, cold, wet or abrasive and wipe clean and dry any spillages immediately.

Not tape down any cables or carpet in the main house or on the terrace without prior approval.

Not use any cleaning products within the house without a PE representatives permission.

Sound, Music and Decor

The ES shall :-

Ensure no Sub Bass / Sub Woofer / Bass Bin speakers are brought onto PE property.

Ensure that volume levels of 90 dB are not exceeded in the Reception Marquee at any point and to lower volume levels if requested by a PE representative at any point during the event.

Ensure all loud music is to finish at 11pm, with quiet background music allowed till 11.30pm.

Ensure no confetti cannons are to be used on site.

Ensure all booths / stages / structures are to be checked by a PE representative.

Ensure any lighting equipment or rigs are to be checked by a PE representative with special attention to maintaining a clear gap between hot lighting and equipment and the marquee linings.

Ensure all cable runs are either secured, taped down or out of sight in the Reception Marquee.

Use only natural confetti on PE’s property, eg fresh or dried flower petals.

Ensure all decorative items and sundries are removed or disposed of at the end of the event.

If the EC permits PE the use of images from their event, provide access to the images / film after the event, for PE marketing, media and promotional purposes. (Full accreditation will be given to the ES)

Agree the use of any drones in advance with PE.


The ES shall:-

Obtain and comply with all licenses, certificates, and statutory or other regulations relating to the event other than those that are the responsibility of PE.

Be responsible for any damage to any area of the property as a result of negligence or abuse by the ES and will be charged at cost to the ES. PE expects full payment within one month from the date of the event.

Ensure any space or area used on PE’s property is throughly cleaned down and left as found.

Where the ES requests PE to arrange for the provision of third parties goods and services on the ES behalf, PE shall do so as the ES agent and the ES shall be liable for all charges and liabilities in respect thereof and fully indemnify PE against the same.

Shall ensure no fireworks, floating lanterns, sparklers, confetti cannons, paint cannons or any open flamed items are used on PE’s property.

Shall ensure any candles and candle-holders used on the property must be presented (via an image) to PE prior to the event and permission given. No tall candles or open flames are permitted on the premises in any form. PE reserves the right to remove any items that PE considers a danger to the safety of the premises or persons on the premises.

Shall ensure at the end of the event that all event furniture used by the ES is stacked, packed or stored away. eg event chairs are stacked 5 high with cushions removed and placed on top of the pile, then placed at the sides of the marquee. All tables can be left as found.

Ensure any event furniture (tables, chairs etc) that has been used externally during the day is stored under dry cover and in an location agreed with a PE manager.

PE takes no responsibility for the welfare and safety of children whilst on the premises beyond those obligations imposed under statutory regulations.

Drinks and Alcohol

PE does not charge corkage / serving fees for drinks.  This will be for the ES and the EC to agree terms.

PE will nominate a supplier to manage a pay bar if requested by the EC, and no other pay bars are allowed at the premises without prior written permission.

If a pay bar is requested by the EC, upon the pay bar opening, all prior drinks supplied by the EC shall be removed to a suitable location for collection at a later stage and all future drinks will have to be purchased from the pay bar.

All bars will close at 11.20pm.  Any variation upon this will require written permission from PE.


The use of plastic cocktail skewers, drinks straws, plates, glasses, cups or shot glasses is to be avoided, with natural, paper or reusable alternatives used in their place. We will be in contact with the EC about this point also.

Recycling bins are provided and should be used, with all waste separated accordingly.

Any bin bags, washing up detergent, sponges etc required during an event are to be provided by the ES.

Report any issues with the toilets or facilities to a PE representative directly.

Liability and Conditions

Subject as expressly provided in these conditions, all warranties, conditions or other terms implied by statute or common law are excluded to the fullest extent permitted by law.

The ES is not entitled to assign the agreement to any third party nor utilise PE’s premises for any purpose other than that stated in or clearly inferred from the EC booking form without PE’s prior written consent.

The agreement is made between PE and the ES and the ES undertakes that it is not entering into the agreement on behalf of a third party.

No variation to the agreement shall be effective unless in writing and signed on behalf of both PE and the ES. These Conditions shall prevail over any standard conditions, which might otherwise apply.

Failure by PE to enforce at any time the provisions of the agreement shall not be construed as a waiver of any of its rights nor affect the validity of the agreement nor prejudice PE as regards subsequent claims.

Any person in breach of the above Conditions may be refused admission to or be removed from PE’s premises.

This agreement shall be subject to English Law.

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