Civil Ceremonies and Blessings

Civil Ceremonies and Blessings at Poundon House.

At Poundon House, you can have a Civil Ceremony. We are licenced by Aylesbury Vale to hold Civil Ceremonies. You will need to contact the Regisratrs directly to check their available times, and to book them. We will not be involved in this, and there are no extra charges to have your Civil Ceremony at Poundon House.

The Civil Ceremony is conducted within one of the licenced rooms – the Dining Room, Yellow Room or Reception Marquee, and we can seat up to 250 guests for an Outdoor Civil Ceremony using the Terrace for additional seating. This makes a fantastic setting for an outdoor type ceremony.

Poundon House welcomes same sex marriage ceremonies.

The Terrace can also be used for Asian Blessings, and can easily hold a Mandap, for example. It’s great to be able to hold both your Ceremonies at the same venue.

If you are interested in holding a Civil Ceremony and Blessing at the house, please make sure that the Civil Ceremony is conducted before any other Blessings, and that you discuss your plans for your day to the Registrars. They are there to help you and will do everything they can to make sure that you have the best day possible. However, the Civil Ceremony is a legal ceremony and there are conditions that have to be adhered to.

Please also note that with the licensed rooms for ceremonies the maximum capacity for the ceremony has to include the two registrars and the responsible person from the venue.  So the dining rooms capacity is 80, which allows for 77 guests inc. yourselves.  For the yellow room the capacity is 50, allowing 47 guests including yourselves.  If you need any further information or help please speak to us for guidance.

Over the years we have held many Asian Weddings and celebrations here at Poundon House, and we feel we are the ideal venue for more.  We have experience of holding Sikh weddings, Hindu Weddings, Nikah’s, Walima’s, mixed faith marriages and more.

If you are interested in holding a small intimate Civil Ceremony the day before your Blessing, this is also possible. Some of our couples hold a two day celebration. It is fun for example, to have a Civil Ceremony followed by an Afternoon Tea, with the Blessing and Reception the following day.

Our reception rooms and Terrace do make a stunning setting for your marriage, and will create unforgettable memories for your guests.

On our Real Weddings we have showcased some beautiful weddings held at Poundon House.

The local Registrars are Aylesbury Vale.

Our local C of E priest is David Hiscock if you are interested in a Church Wedding.