Frequently asked questions

Here you will find a list of the Frequently Asked Questions about holding a wedding or event at Poundon House.  If the question you have is not on the list, please submit it via the form below and we will get back to you directly if you wish and then can add it to the list for future couples benefit.

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Booking your wedding at Poundon

After we have decided to go ahead and use Poundon, what happens next?

We need a signed contract, booking form and the deposit to confirm your date. The booking form and contract define what is included in the price. The balance is due closer to your wedding date.

How many people can fit in the various reception areas you have available?

We have a variety of rooms and spaces suitable for dining and receptions.  These figures are for guidance, you will need to speak to us so that we can advise you better.  We will want to run through an itinerary based upon locations, events and number of guests before taking any booking for a wedding to make sure that we are able to accommodate what you have planned.  (The capacity for the reception may not be the limiting factor on the number of guests attending your wedding at Poundon.)

For dining purposes;

  • Dining Room – 50 persons
  • Yellow room – 20 persons
  • Terrace Marquee – 80 persons
  • Reception Marquee – 350 persons

For ceremony purposes;

  • Dining Room – 80 persons
  • Yellow room – 50 persons
  • Terrace Marquee – 200 persons
  • Reception Marquee – 350 persons

For reception purposes;

  • The House – 100 persons
  • Terrace Marquee – 200 persons
  • Reception Marquee – 350 persons

If we do not use a room for the Ceremony, does that reduce the cost?

I am afraid not. The cost is for the whole day. We do not have other Weddings going on, so the house is exclusively yours.

Can you hold outdoor ceremonies? What times of the year can they be held in?

If you are planning on having an outdoor Civil ceremony, then please contact the Buckinghamshire Registrars to confirm all details with them.  At this time we do not have any garden type structures for a dedicated outdoor Civil ceremony.

A ceremony using the Terrace Marquee for additional seating for your guests and the Yellow room as the licensed room is not considered an outdoor ceremony.

For any other ceremonies or blessings, the gardens are available.  We always make sure we have a solid back up plan (Plan B, due to the weather being changeable) and will work closely with you to plan the day that you are hoping for.

What deposit is required to secure the booking?

We have a deposit charge of approx £1800 inc. VAT.  The balance of the venue fee is required 1 month prior to the weddings.  Please click here to see all current prices.

How do we contact the Registrars? How do we arrange a civil ceremony?

We are part of Buckinghamshire County Council (BCC) and you can contact the Buckinghamshire Register Office, Aylesbury on 01296 382 581.  It is best that you direct all your questions to them as we do not want to give you false information.  Please advise them if you are planning on having two ceremonies on the same day as they may have some requirements that you have to fulfil.

If in any doubt please direct any questions the registrars about any details regarding the civil ceremony.

What is your cancellation policy? What happens if the guest numbers change?

Please refer to our contract regarding our cancellation policy and guest numbers.

Poundon Events Standard Terms and Conditions


Do you offer Wedding coordinating services? Is there somebody from the house around on the day?

We do not offer formal coordinating services on your wedding day, but there will be somebody from the house available throughout the whole day to help with any problems should they arise.  On an informal basis, we will liaise directly with your caterers, band and other suppliers  during the day to make sure that everything is running smoothly and will be available to help them if required.


If you are having a Civil Ceremony then somebody from the venue will be actively involved in liaising between yourselves and the registrars until the ceremony has begun, and will then be on available for the duration of the ceremony if any guests arrive late so that they might find and join the ceremony.  We do not arrange any music requirements (pressing play at the right time etc) and would expect this to be done by one of the wedding party.


If you wish for something more than this, then we suggest the use of professional wedding coordinators or talk to us about your concerns and we will see if we may be able to help.  We are fully committed to making sure that your wedding day runs smoothly.


Is a bridal suite included in the venue fee?

We do not include a bridal suite in the venue fee for overnight stay.

We do include the use of two dressing rooms for the daytime so that you might get ready at the house or use them if you require costume changes during the day.

What extra charges are not included in the venue fee? How do we work out the cost of the venue?

We try very hard to make sure our prices are very clear and here you will find a breakdown of what they are.  Pricing is for guide purposes only as we will quote individually for each event held at Poundon.

Can we host an event such as a lunch the day after the wedding?

Yes, it is possible to continue your stay at Poundon the day after the wedding.  We call this an post-event and view it as an extended hire period.  If this is something that you are interested in we will quote for this at the start to give you a guide price.  Please click here to see the guide costs involved.  We appreciate that in the early stages of planning it is hard to quite know what you want to do the day after the event and we are willing to be as flexible as possible to aid you in your planning.

Can we book overtime or arrange a later finishing time for the wedding?

It is possible to extend the evening of your wedding by up to two hours, but all loud music must still finish by 11pm.  In the past couples have organised silent discos as a means on continuing the party, or just enjoyed a longer wind down period before going home.  Please see here for overtime costs from us and you will also need to make your caterers aware of your intentions.

Do you need any other info from us in the run up to the big day?

We require a schedule closer to the day, that states your timings for the day, your suppliers (including any deliveries). as well a list of names of all your guests that are attending both the Ceremony and Reception.  This can all be entered using your client account.  Please try to keep your client account updated as it is a really useful resource for keeping us informed of your plans.  The details that you enter are also emailed to yourself for your reference.

Your Wedding Day at Poundon

Can the florist and photographer come and have a look around the venue prior to the day? Can we also arrange a time to bring our parents?

Yes, but again, we must know in advance. We would prefer it if you could arrange all this on the same day.  We also hold venue open days throughout the year so these can be good opportunities to drop by on.

Over what hours is the venue available?

The normal hours for a wedding at Poundon are as follows;

Day Prior –  Mid Morning onwards to drop off items, decorate and stage the marquee, check into bedrooms if applicable.

Wedding Day – What ever is required to make your wedding day, but as a rough guide, access from 8am for suppliers – guests departed by 12am. – all loud music is to finish at 11pm, quiet background music till 11.30pm.

Day After – If you have stayed at the house, check out from the rooms is 11am as we may be conducting viewings from 12pm.


Do you have insurance, do we need wedding insurance?

We have Public Liability insurance in case of accidents etc, but it is not wedding or event insurance.  If you wish for peace of mind about your wedding we would suggest you take out your own Wedding / Event Insurance Policy.  There are companies that specialise in this type of insurance.

Do you have a sound limiter in the Marquee, are there any restrictions we should be aware of?

We do have a sound limiter in the marquee, but we try to not have to resort to using it by taking our own readings from the edge of the property throughout the evening and working with your chosen suppliers.  This ensures that your entertainment is not stopped abruptly while respecting our neighbours peace and quiet and meeting our licensing requirements.  With regards to restrictions, the maximum sound level in the marquee is 90dB and we do not permit the use of dedicated sub woofer type speakers on the property as their affect is very unduly disruptive for local residents and all loud music must end at 11pm.  Please ensure that your suppliers are aware of these points.

Can guests get changed at the house?

The 2 dressing rooms in the house are only for the bride and groom and immediate family.  If your wedding day requires guests to have a costume change we can make 2 of the reception rooms downstairs available, but we will need to be informed of this so that we can make sure that the day runs smoothly.

Can we use the swimming pool?

The short answer is no. The swimming pool will be securely gated so as to avoid any accidents on the wedding day.  If you are staying over night at the house then the pool can be available on the other days.  Please speak to us if you would like to use the pool so we can make it available – we have to warn you its not heated!

If it rains and guests are on the Terrace, do you have umbrellas we can use?

Yes, we can provide white umbrellas that we are happy for you to use.

Are children welcome?

We love children at Poundon House and are very happy to have them as your guests at your wedding.  We do ask that you have somebody named as the responsible person for the children, and also suggest that if you have a large number of children attending your wedding that you consider using professional creche services.  Please be aware that the gardens are large and extensive at the house, with all the inherent risks that come with landscaped grounds – a variety of walls, an ornamental pond, trees that could be climbed etc…..

Do you have a PA that we can hire for speeches?

Yes we do, let us know what you require and we can arrange it for you (based upon our equipment).  We will normally set it FOC in one location, to be used once.  There is a charge for the use of the PA if it is required to be moved between locations.

Can we have a pre wedding shoot with our photographer prior to the wedding day?

Yes, but please be aware weekends are very busy throughout the year.  Please contact us to arrange a date and time that is suitable.

Can we use the three Reception Rooms throughout the evening?

The three rooms can only be used by your guests until you go to the marquee.  If you are taking rooms in the house overnight, then the Drawing room will still be available to the house guests through out the evening.  (But not for a party in the house!)

Can we have fireworks, Chinese lanterns, sparklers or flares?

No, we do not allow fireworks, Chinese lanterns, sparklers or flares –  this is non negotiable.

Will there be lighting and signs for the evening guests? Or for when guests are leaving?

Yes, we will have signs to the car park and also to the marquee, and lighting is provided both in the marquee and in the garden.

Can we have outdoor games?

Of course, but we’re sorry that we do not have any.  We are very happy for you to provide or hire in outdoor games either for the front lawns or up at the marquee area.  This also includes bouncy castles etc.  Please let us know what you are thinking of doing so we are aware and can make sure that everything is in place if required.

Can the photographer get an overhead group shot of the guests?

Yes, the photographer can have access to a room upstairs to take an overhead shot of the guests, but the photographer must be accompanied by a member of the family for this. The photographer will need to discuss this with a member of the family prior to the event.

What time must we finish by?

As Poundon House is located on the edge of a village, we request that guests respect those who live nearby and therefore the loud / dancing music must finish at 11.00pm.  We are happy for some quiet music to continue for another 20-30mins to maintain some ambience, but this is not to be heard outside of the tent.  If this quiet music is abused we will be forced to stop all music.  Guests are expected to be out of the marquee and on their way to their respective beds by 12am.

Staying at the House

What are your views on children sleeping in the house?

The maximum number of children sleeping in the house is 6.  We consider a child to be under 12yrs old and they are entitled to a free camp bed or travel cot.  If a child (under 12yrs) is sleeping in twin bed or taking a room then they are at the normal bookable rate.

12yrs and older they will have to be in either a proper bed at usual rate or an additional single bed and will count towards the total number of adults.

With regards to the single beds and cots / camp beds, please bare in mind that there is only space for either one or the other in most rooms.



How many people can sleep in the house on a night?

The maximum number of adults to sleep in the house is 18.  The use of an additional bed in some rooms is to allow flexibility if you require it in the sleeping arrangements.

Children 12yrs and over are counted as adults.

How many bathrooms are there, and are there showers, or baths only?

There are 6 bathrooms shared between the 9 bedrooms.  3 have baths, 1 has a bath and a shower and  2 of them are dedicated shower rooms.

What time is breakfast served?

You can arrange a time that suits you, between 7am and 10am, and runs for about an hour usually.  In the run up to your stay we will contact you to arrange these details.  When booking your breakfast you choose a menu for the whole group, while detailing any dietary requirements.  We serve breakfast from a buffet table.

Do you have any camp beds / cots for children?

Yes, we have some camp beds and cots at the house.  Please let us know how many you may require when arranging the rooms for your guests and we can also help advise on which bedrooms would more suitable for families.

How is breakfast served, what do we get?

We serve breakfast in the Dining room normally, with everybody seated at on table.  It is a buffet style breakfast consisting of fruit salad, cereal, yogurt and pastries, with then either a full cooked breakfast (sausages, bacon, scrambled eggs, beans, tomatoes and mushrooms)  or a lighter breakfast (bacon/smoked salmon and scrambled eggs).  It has to be arranged in advance what you wish for your guests to have and we do the menu for the whole group.  Please note that we do not take orders in the morning.  Dietary requirements can be catered for, but we have to be told in advance.

Can guests who did not stay at the house join us for breakfast?

Yes, this is absolutely fine, we can seat up to a maximum of 24 in the Dining room and charge per head for the extra guests.  This must all be agreed in advance however.  Please click here to see the approximate prices.

What time can we check in to our rooms?

The rooms are normally available from 4pm on the day that you are staying.  Please let us know what time you are thinking of coming to the house so that we can make that there is somebody around to let you in.  We will have a room plan of the house by the front door, with the names of the house guests to help people find their way to their rooms.

How does the bedroom pricing work? What happens if we want a three beds in one room?

The basic pricing structure can be found here.  If you require any further information please contract us directly.  All the information regarding how bedrooms can be set up can be found on the downloads page here.

Is the house locked at night? How do we get in if we are coming late?

The house is locked at night, but every bedroom is given a key for the front door.  Please let us know if you will need access to the house either very early or late so that we might be aware of the comings and goings etc.

Do the bedroom doors have locks? What can we do with valuables?

The bedroom doors do not have locks and we are sorry if this causes problems.  The second floor has a door at the top of the stairs that locks to secure the whole floor, and the Romantic room and Green room both have little bedroom safes.  Otherwise we would have to suggest using your own cars as a secure location.

Do you offer house keeping for the rooms?

We can do, but usually couples prefer not to have it when staying for two nights and we therefore offer a discount on bookings over 2 nights.  We are happy to arrange for it to happen if you want, but the discount will then not be available.  Please make us aware before staying at the house so we can make sure everything is arranged.

Can we have a meal at the house the night before the wedding?

Yes, we can offer private dining in the house for around 24 guests, in the Dining room.  Please ask for menus to see what we can offer you.  For guide prices please click here.

What time is check out?

We ask that everybody can be out of their rooms by 11am and that check out is by midday.  We understand that there may be items to be collected from the marquee and that this may take a little longer to sort out, but ask you to be aware that we may be showing couples around from 12pm onwards.

Ceremonies etc.

If we want to get married in a church near Poundon, what is the phone number and name of your local Church of England vicar?

Rev. David Hiscocks – 01869 277 297

Our local churches are in Twyford and Marsh Gibbon, around 3 mins away, but there may be further local ones that you will be able to use, please talk to David Hiscocks and he will be able to advise you.

Which Registrars do we need to contact if we want to have a civil ceremony at Poundon House?

Who do we call to arrange a local church ceremony?

You will need to speak to the Rev. David Hiscocks, he will be happy to advise you to what you may need to do to have a ceremony held in a local church.

Rev. David Hiscocks – 01869 277 297

Can Ceremonies be conducted outside?

Yes it is possible to have blessing ceremonies conducted outdoors at Poundon House, but not Civil Ceremonies.  If you are planning to have any ceremony outside we will always plan a wet weather contingency in the run up to the Wedding Day that would be a valid alternative.  We will endeavour to be as flexible as possible to make sure that you get the wedding ceremony that you wish.

Is there a hi-fi we can use to play music for the ceremony?

Yes. There is a PA system available (you can plug in an iPod / iPhone), but if you require anything more specialist, you will have to arrange it.  Poundon House will not be available to co-ordinate music on the day so please ask one of your guests to help.

Is there a table for the registrar?

The registrar will require one table and chair and we will provide this.  The dimensions for table we use are as follows –

W85cm x L77cm x H72cm.  Single flap up

W85 x L101cm x H72cm.  Double flaps up


There is a second table that can also be used, which has the following dimensions;

L151 x W54 cm x H74cm.  Glass topped


Is a Hindu Ceremony allowed indoors or in the marquee?

We are happy for the ceremonies to take place in either the Terrace Marquee or the Reception Marquee and we are aware of the ceremonial fire.  We will ensure that a fire extinguisher is made available to yourselves.  Although you would be permitted to have the ceremony within the house, the rooms are not suitable sized for the number of guests that usually attend a ceremony.

How do we play music during our Ceremony?

We will provide a PA system for your ceremony which can be used to play music through. This will allow music to be played throughout the ceremony, (one of your guests will be required to press ‘play’ etc.) and is also suitable to be set up outside if required.  Please have your music on an iPod or MP3 player of some sort if possible, or advise us if not so we can make arrangements.

What are the capacities of your various ceremony locations?

We have a variety of locations suitable for ceremonies, either Civil or blessings.  These figures are for guidance, you will need to speak to us so that we can advise you better.  (The capacity for the ceremony may not be the limiting factor on the number of guests attending your wedding at Poundon.)

  • Dining Room – 77 persons
  • Yellow room – 50 persons
  • Terrace Marquee – 200 persons
  • Reception Marquee – 350 persons
  • Garden – 350 persons

Can we use Confetti?

Confetti must be natural, eg. some sort of flower petals, either dried or fresh.  Any other type of confetti is not permitted.  The use of ‘Confetti Canon’ type devises is strictly prohibited – please ensure that your suppliers are aware of this fact.

Catering etc.

You mention that you have listed caterers, who are they?

Can we work with caterers of our own choosing?

Yes you can and we are very experienced in working with outside suppliers (sometimes referred to as external or unlisted).  If you do chose to go with caterers who are not on our list, then there is a kitchen facility fee due.  Please refer to the equipment list to see what is included in this fee.

Do you charge corkage for drinks?

We do not charge any corkage at Poundon House, (but your caterers may do, this is between you and them).  If you wish to use the bar space and chiller fridges in the Reception Marquee and are not having a Pay bar then there is an additional charge.

If you want to have a pay bar organised, than this would be through our chosen supplier and there is a charge from them for this option.  It is usually the same as our bar charge, but may be different depending on your requirements.

What catering equipment is inc. in the catering fee?

Please click here to see available catering equipment.


Can we have a pay/cash bar at our wedding?

This is fine, but you must use Poundon Houses nominated supplier for this.  We do not allow outside suppliers to run cash bars at the house.  There is a management fee for a pay/cash bar.  This would normally be comparable to our bar hire charge, but you would deal directly with our supplier regarding any charges.  Upon the bar opening, all drinks will then have to be supplied from the bar.  Wine / drinks that are still on the table from the meal will be collected and put to one side for you collect the following day.

We do not accept card payments at this time so please make sure your guests are aware of this.

What tables and chairs do you have, do you have a top table and a table for the cake? What are their dimensions?

Please click here to see available event furniture.


What is the capacity of your marquee? How many guests can be seated for a meal?

We have two Marquees which are up during the wedding season; The Reception Marquee and the Terrace Marquee.

The Reception Marquee can seat up to 350 guests at 35 round tables.  At these number there would be limitations to where the dance floor may be located, whether there was a top table stage or stage for a band.  If you required this kind of capacity we would develop the plans and logistics with you to make sure what you wished for would be possible.  At around a capacity of 250 you should be able to have any set up.  For smaller number we can partition the tent to make it the right size for the event that is taking place.

The Terrace Marquee is mainly used for ceremonies and drinks receptions, but can be used for a meal and could seat up to about 80 guests at 8 round tables.

Pease refer to the downloads page to see example plans of marquee floor plans.

Does Poundon House remove all the rubbish?

You and your caterers are responsible for leaving the marquee in a fit state (we will hoover). We provide rubbish bins for general waste and recycling at the Reception Marquee for your caterers to use.

Once we have decided on a menu, can we have a tasting at the house?

We will be more than happy to arrange a tasting at the house for a listed caterer. However, if you use another catering company, we do not offer this service.  Please note that a tasting is only offered once a deposit to the caterer and ourselves has been paid.


Are there heating / cooling facilities at the Marquee?

Yes, there is heating at the Reception Marquee and this is provided FOC.  There is no air conditioning at the marquee, but the heaters can also run as fans, and the french doors can all be opened.

At this time it is not possible to heat the Terrace Marquee.

What is the capacity of your marquee? How many guests can be seated for a meal?

We have two Marquees which are up during the wedding season; The Reception Marquee and the Terrace Marquee.

The Reception Marquee can seat up to 350 guests at 35 round tables.  At these number there would be limitations to where the dance floor may be located, whether there was a top table stage or stage for a band.  If you required this kind of capacity we would develop the plans and logistics with you to make sure what you wished for would be possible.  At around a capacity of 250 you should be able to have any set up.  For smaller number we can partition the tent to make it the right size for the event that is taking place.

The Terrace Marquee is mainly used for ceremonies and drinks receptions, but can be used for a meal and could seat up to about 80 guests at 8 round tables.

Pease refer to the downloads page to see example plans of marquee floor plans.

Decorations etc.

Can we come to the house before the wedding day and dress the marquee and prepare the rooms?

We are happy for you to come any time after 10am on the day before your wedding day – we know how much there is to do at the last minute and we are there to help!  You may only have access to the Reception marquee to begin with, depending on what has been happening a Poundon the day before.

Is there an easel for us to put our table plan?

We have a selection of free standing and table top easels.  We do not have any boards or frames to go on them so you will need to make sure that your table plan is suitably mounted ready for display.  There are a couple in the marquee available for your use, if you cant find them on the day before your wedding just ask somebody from the house to look them out for you.

Can we hire other linings for the marquee, or additional marquee items?

We offer what is included in the price (as per the booking form) and you can hire anything additional at your own expense, but if there is additional work for us, e.g. removing our lining, then we would also have a charge, so it really is best to keep up informed of your plans. Also, please make sure we are aware of any deliveries that might have to be supervised.

Can we use candles in the marquee and house?

Yes, in the marquee, but we will have to approve the candle holders. We are obviously concerned about fire and safety. There will be fire extinguishers in the marquee, but we ask everyone to be responsible. Candles are not allowed in the house unless we are made aware of them and someone is responsible for them and it has been previously discussed.  Please keep us informed if you have any doubts.  Also, if you have something elaborate in mind, consider using LED candles.

Logistics etc.

The front gates to the house are locked, what do I do?

The front gates are locked most days of the week and are only opened for viewings and events.  If you have arrived at the property and they are locked, then if you look to your left as you look at the gates there is a another set of gates which are always open.  You come through those gates and follow the drive down to the house.  You will find your way to the front of the house.

What kind of power is there at the marquee?

It has mains power running from three distribution boards. All power is distributed according to requirements and any suppliers must liaise with Poundon House to be adequately supervised.

Is there plenty of room for car parking?

Yes we have plenty of car parking and guests can come back the following day to collect the cars.

What are the dimensions of the Marquees? Do you have floor plans for we can use?

Please look at the following link for downloads of all the marquee floor plans



Can we leave things at the house after the Reception and collect the next day? Can guests collect their cars the next day too?

Yes, this is not a problem. If possible, we prefer you to come in the morning.

Can we have coaches?

Its fine to have coaches doing drop offs and collections from the house.  We have to make you aware that the only parking for them on-site is in front of the house, so it is best if they do not stay at the house during the day if possible.

Can we drive to the back of the marquee to unload items?

Yes, it is possible to drive to the catering area of the Reception marquee do drop offs.  The track to the marquee comes off the main road.  It is about 50 yards to the right of the main gates as you look at them.  The gate may be locked so please come to the house and somebody will open it up for you.

General questions

What access facilities do you have for disabled or elderly guests?

On the whole the site is quite level, and where there are steps we can either provide portable ramps or there will be an alternative route available.  There are disabled facilities at both the House and the Reception Marquee, but please advise us if there are any guests coming who may need additional assistance so we can ensure that there are no problems on the day.


We have no ground floor bedrooms available if they were something that you required, but the Bed and Breakfast just 3 mins away does.

Do you allow dogs on site?

The general rule is no dogs on site, but we do look at each request to decide if it may be possible.  The best is to let us know what you are thinking of and we can in turn let you know if it will be possible or not.

How many toilets are at the property?

There are 2 x ladies and 1 x mens, plus 2 x urinals at the Reception Marquee.

There are 1 x ladies and 1 x mens on the ground floor at the house.  This will be adequate for numbers up to 250 guests.

We will provide toilet roll, soap and hand towels for your event.

Can you have bouncy castles, fairground rides or food stalls?

Please do not book any external suppliers with out first running it by us if you think it may be a matter of concern for us – we do not want to have any problems on the day.  We endeavour to help you plan the wedding day that you desire for and are happy for most external suppliers to come on site if they are not going to cause damage or a nuisance.

Restaurants, Pubs and Local Accommodation

What are the names of some Pubs or Restaurants nearby?

There are few different options for eating out around Poundon House, most around 15mins drive away.  There is a short list below;

The Muddy Duck – Hethe – 01869 278 099

The King’s Arms – Bicester – 01869 320666

Villandry – Bicester Village – 01869 355070

FarmShop – Bicester Village – 01865 686400

Prezzo – Bicester – 01869 322269

Pizza Express – Bicester – 01869 324941

Cartwright Arms – Aynho – 01869 811 885

The Nut Tree – Murcott – 01865 331 253

Nelson St. Brasserie – Buckingham – 01280 815 556

Red Lion – Statton Audley – 01869 277 225

The Greyhound – Mash Gibbon – 01869 277 365

The Fox – Souldern – 01869 345 284

The Fox – Farthinghoe – 01295 713 965

Oxford Arms – Kirtlington – 01869 350 208

The Dashwood – Kirtlington – 01869 352 707

The Ben Johnson – Weston on the Green – 01869 351 153


What are the numbers of some local taxi companies?

Click here for a link to local taxi companies

Bicester Taxis

Union Cars 01869 248248

Apollo Cars 01869 323236

A.B.C Taxis 01869 242601

Eco Cabs 2 Go 01869 323232

Future Cars 01869 327711

Alpha Cars 01869 252552

Venus Cars 01869 323 595

Aylesbury Taxis

Falcon Taxis 01296 580 000

Taffs Cars 01296 395003

Jet Taxies 01296 421212

Eco Taxis 01296 423282

Sky Taxis 01296 432323

Call a Cab 07505 580506

Ad Taxis 01296 398989

Oxford Taxis

Radio Taxis 01865 242424

001 Taxis 01865 240000

A1 Taxis 01865 248000

Royal Cars 01865 777333

A2B 01865 477477

Milton Keynes Taxis

Ace Cars 01908 555555

MK Cabs 01908 900900

EezyCabs MK 01908 767259 247

Taxi Line 01908 316000

Milton Keynes Taxis 07943 832165


We are very sorry that we are no longer accepting any enquiries for new weddings at this time.