How many people can sleep in the house on a night?

The maximum number of adults to sleep in the house is 18.  The use of an additional bed in some rooms is to allow flexibility if you require it in the sleeping arrangements.

Children 12yrs and over are counted as adults.

What are your views on children sleeping in the house?


The maximum number of children sleeping in the house is 6.  We consider a child to be under 12yrs old and they are entitled to a free camp bed.  Over 12yrs old they will have to be in either a proper bed or an additional single bed and will count towards the total number of adults.

With regards to the single beds and cots / camp beds, please bare in mind that there is only space for either  one or the other in most rooms.



Do the bedroom doors have locks? What can we do with valuables?

Due to the house being a family home, the bedroom doors do not have locks and we are sorry if this causes problems.  We can make sure that a secure room is made available to you if you wish for one, otherwise we would have to suggest using your own cars.

Do you offer house keeping for the rooms?

We can do, but usually couples prefer not to have it when staying for two nights and we therefore offer a £15 discount on the second night.  We are happy to arrange for it to happen if you want, but the discount will then not be available.  Please make us aware before staying at the house so we can make sure everything is arranged.

What time is check out?

We ask that everybody can be out of their rooms by 11am and that check out is by midday.  We understand that there may be items to be collected from the marquee and that this may take a little longer to sort out, but ask you to be aware that we may be showing couples around from 12pm onwards.

What time can we check in to our rooms?

The rooms are normally available from 9am on the morning of the day that you are staying.  Please let us know what time you are thinking of coming to the house so that we can make that there is somebody around to let you in.  We will have a room plan of the house by the front door, with the names of the house guests to help people find their way to their rooms.

How does the bedroom pricing work? What happens if we want a three beds in one room?

The basic pricing structure is as follows;

Standard rate – £150 per night for a double/twin. (Single occupancy 30% discount off standard room rate)

If you want an additional single bed in a room to make a triple  – £50 per night (A maximum of 18 adults in the house applies)

If you need a camp bed for a child – £foc

If you need a travel cot for a baby – £foc

If you use the same rooms for a second night and no housekeeping or changes are required then there is a 10% discount off the standard rate. (This does not apply to single occupancy rates as they are already discounted)