The front gates to the house are locked, what do I do?

The front gates are locked most days of the week and are only opened for viewings and events.  If you have arrived at the property and they are locked, then if you look to your left as you look at the gates there is a another set of gates which are always open.  You come … Read more

Can we drive to the back of the marquee to unload items?

Yes, it is possible to drive to the catering area of the Reception marquee do drop offs.  The track to the marquee comes off the main road.  It is about 50 yards to the right of the main gates as you look at them.  The gate may be locked so please come to the house and … Read more

Can we have coaches?

Its fine to have coaches doing drop offs and collections from the house.  We have to make you aware that the only parking for them on-site is in front of the house, so it is best if they do not stay at the house during the day if possible.

What kind of power is there at the marquee?

It has mains power running from three distribution boards. All power is distributed according to requirements and any suppliers must liaise with Poundon House to be adequately supervised.

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