Can Ceremonies be conducted outside?

Yes it is possible to have blessing ceremonies conducted outdoors at Poundon House, but not Civil Ceremonies.  If you are planning to have any ceremony outside we will always plan a wet weather contingency in the run up to the Wedding Day that would be a valid alternative.  We will endeavour to be as flexible as … Read more

Is a Hindu Ceremony allowed indoors or in the marquee?

We are happy for the ceremonies to take place in either the Terrace Marquee or the Reception Marquee and we are aware of the ceremonial fire.  We will ensure that a fire extinguisher is made available to yourselves.  Although you would be permitted to have the ceremony within the house, the rooms are not suitable sized … Read more

How do we play music during our Ceremony?

We will provide a PA system for your ceremony which can be used to play music through. This will allow music to be played throughout the ceremony, (one of your guests will be required to press ‘play’ etc.) and is also suitable to be set up outside if required.  Please have your music on an iPod or MP3 player of … Read more

What are the capacities of your various ceremony locations?

We have a variety of locations suitable for ceremonies, either Civil or blessings.  These figures are for guidance, you will need to speak to us so that we can advise you better.  (The capacity for the ceremony may not be the limiting factor on the number of guests attending your wedding at Poundon.) Dining Room … Read more

Is there a table for the registrar?

The registrar will require one table and chair and we will provide this.  The dimensions for table we use are as follows – W85cm x L77cm x H72cm.  Single flap up W85 x L101cm x H72cm.  Double flaps up   There is a second table that can also be used, which has the following dimensions; … Read more

Can we use Confetti?

Confetti must be natural, eg. some sort of flower petals, either dried or fresh.  Any other type of confetti is not permitted.  The use of ‘Confetti Canon’ type devises is strictly prohibited – please ensure that your suppliers are aware of this fact.

Is there a hi-fi we can use to play music for the ceremony?

Yes. There is a PA system available (you can plug in an iPod / iPhone), but if you require anything more specialist, you will have to arrange it.  Poundon House will not be available to co-ordinate music on the day so please ask one of your guests to help.

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