What a Week

Where to start? Well, we began by setting the scaffolding up at the rear of the house so we could continue refurbishing the window frames so the house looks it’s best before the wedding season begins in earnest.

However, the main task for the week was to construct the 9 x 9 marquee, and attach it as an extension to the existing reception marquee. We started by digging out a series of drainage trenches so that we don’t get left with a waterlogged lawn every time it rains.

There was talk of adding a new path onto the side of the marquee, and within minutes a route was being marked out and the shovel was being changed on the digger! With the top layer of turf removed and cleared up we got on with laying down some gravel.

So three days of hard work and aching backs! On Thursday we gave ourselves a bit of a break and used some of the turf and topsoil to level out some of the bumps in the walled garden.

It was back to work with a thud though on Friday and with the weather working against us we set about putting up the marquee and getting it cleaned up. It may have taken a week to get the job almost complete, but it’s bound to be a great addition to the service we offer here at Poundon House.

The weather cleared up by the afternoon and we’re hoping it continues across the weekend. There’s a few viewings booked, but more importantly, we’ll be having a well earned lie-in.


We are very sorry that we are no longer accepting any enquiries for new weddings at this time.