Spring Cleaning 23rd March

The weather’s starting to pick up now with its come a new burst of life to everyone here at Poundon.

Inside we’ve been going round with a bucket of soapy water and tin of paint, giving the place a bit of a touch up where it’s needed.

In the gardens we’ve swapped the rakes for lawn mowers and are busy keeping on top of things. Bunches of daffodils have sprouted along the lime tree avenue and look simply fantastic. We’ll soon be busy planting in the terrace gardens ourselves.

The weekends are starting to become busier with more and more couples booked in for viewings and looking around the house and gardens.

The local Parish of churches recently used a few rooms in the house for a morning of activities so it was nice to lend a hand to the local community.


We are very sorry that we are no longer accepting any enquiries for new weddings at this time.