Selfcare Tips During Wedding Planning

Selfcare Tips During Wedding Planning, from Natalie at &Sister with Poundon House.

So, you’re engaged! Congratulations, this is a really exciting time for you both, but I’d be lying if I said it was all going to be smooth sailing. Planning a wedding is a lot of work, from venue visits to co-ordinating and booking suppliers, to creatively deciding on how you want your day to look and feel, and designating jobs for family.

How do you go about organising a huge event like a wedding and feeling the best you’ve ever felt on your wedding day?

I have been helping couples to plan their wedding day for over 10 years now here at Poundon House, and I have also now co-founded a wellbeing events company ‘&Sister’ yoga retreats, so here are my tips that I’ve learnt through our retreats which can help you too with your planning as well as everyday pressures.

  1. {Sleep}

To feel your best, I’ve learnt that sleep is key. If you are a good sleeper, you are one of the lucky few as most people struggle with sleep. With work commitments too, you will need to feel refreshed and energized to do the planning on top of everything else. We work with lots of great people in the wellbeing from Neom, to Root and Flower, from them I have finally accepted that sleep is key. Simple things like bedtime routine, to a cup of Pukka night-time tea, sleep balms and wands.


  1. {Golden time}

My husband and I have an expression we use, Golden Time. This is time spent together, without distraction, just us. This is when we connect. Spend lots of golden time together, turn off phones and go off-grid, relax and recharge. Its not always about going away for holidays, but making sure you do lots of little special things together and for each other, from going for a coffee together, date night, or just cooking or running a bath for the other half at home, really make each other feel valued and show your appreciation.


  1. {Screen times}

Limit TV and screen time, and book in times when you will do this and for how long to avoid lurching down the black hole of instragram and social media. Never do screens before bed. Instead of watching tv, go have a bath, do a class or try something new!


4 {Exercise}

Exercise is going to be on your list as you want to get in shape, but we say strong not skinny. Try to do some strength building exercise too like yoga or pilates, as well as mind calming like meditation and Yoga Nidra (translates as yoga sleep!).


5. {Dedicated wedding planning time}

Reduce the stress from planning by dedicating dates in advance that you know you will be wedding planning and writing a realistic list as to what you want to achieve from each planning session. Otherwise you can start to feel like you should be doing it all the time, and you should not. Time together not talking about the wedding, or planning is really important.


  1. {Time with friends}

Spending time with your bridesmaids and closest girlfriends , not only talking about the wedding, but sharing an experience that you can all enjoy is great. Your bridesmaids will be looking out for you on your wedding day, so do something special with each bridesmaid and make her feel special too in the run up to the big day, so she knows how grateful you are to them for their support for you. We have brides and bridesmaids coming on our retreats just to hang out and relax. It makes a wonderful gift for someone


  1. {Pamper yourself}

Pamper yourself, put yourself first, look after yourself, mind, body and soul. We often feel guilty about putting ourselves first, don’t. Treat yourself to some pampering, whether it’s a massage, or a trip to the nail bar, and feel good about life!


  1. {Mantras}

Write yourself a mantra on a Sunday evening as a postive reminder for the week ahead to focus on something other than the wedding.


  1. {Eat well}

Especially in winter when things like our magnesium are low, which can also affect sleep. Eat lots of fruit and veg to build immune system (you don’t want to be having a cold on your wedding day) and it’s a great way to feel good.


  1. {Love}

This is your wedding day, it’s the start of a new chapter in both your lives, to celebrate the love you have for each other, and so don’t forget, this is all about LOVE, so above all, remember that everything else doesn’t really matter, its all about fueling the LOVE you have for each other to make sure the fire burns bright through the good times and the tough times that may lie ahead.

With thanks to Emma at Coco Wedding Venues who motivated me to write this!


Photography Eneka Stewart Photography

Photography Eneka Stewart Photography.


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