The story behind Poundon House weddings

The story and history behind Poundon House weddings

Poundon House is very much still a family home, and it is our greatest pleasure to welcome you to Poundon House, the home that we grew up in and which we love so much! Everyone who comes to the house comments on the atmosphere here, and I truly believe it is because it is so much loved! We think of it as a sibling, not just bricks and mortar, but a building that has absorbed all the happy energy that this house has given us over the years. We know how lucky we are to have had the fun of growing up here, and we think of ourselves as custodians of this beautiful house.

The house has an interesting history as it was used in the war effort to help break the enigma code. Many country houses were used, the most famous being Bletchley Park. Our great aunt was stationed there during the war effort. A bomb was dropped at the end of the drive too! Luckily missing the house. We love to welcome people who were stationed here during this time, and after the war,  the house was continually used for spying and defence by The Post Office.  When our parents brought the house 38 years ago, there were Nissan huts in the grounds, generators throughout the house, floor boards covered up along with boarded up fireplaces and a huge amount of work to do. When people visit who knew the house from this era, they are always delighted to see the fireplaces as they never knew what they looked like. I am trying to put together more info in the history of the house as its only now that important documents are being released to the public. If you would like to know more or have any information please do share!

A little about ourselves…

Natalie, number 1. Married to Dan, a film director, and they live in Ealing, with 2 boys. When its children’s holidays, there’s nothing we love more than going to Poundon and spending time with the boys outside and letting them enjoy the space.  Loves all things creative and marketing, family and wellbeing. Chances are if you call it will be either Natalie or Andrea you will speak to and when the planning starts, its Natalie who will be answering all your questions – the more questions the better!

Johanna, number 2 is a doctor, and lives in Devon as a consultant paediatrician with her husband Oliver. They have 3 children.When she comes to stay at Poundon, its a riot with children outnumbering adults!

Esmond, number 3. Lives at Poundon House with his wife Alexa and 2 children. Esmond is your man on the day, overseeing the venue and making sure that everything runs smoothly. There’s nothing he can’t fix or no problem that can’t be solved.

Alicia, number 4, has Amaryllis, and is a yoga and wellbeing teacher who set up &Sister with Natalie. Alicia organises wellbeing retreats, corporate wellbeing events –  like press launches for Pukka – and is also a corporate yoga teacher teaching employees at Mercedes and Value Retail. She is also a Lululemon ambassador.

People often ask us, what was it like growing up here, and the answer is a lot of  fun! We had a huge house to roam about in, fields to explore, animals to look after. The heating didn’t work (it works now, don’t worry!!), there were piles of woolly jumpers by the front door in the chests for when people came over –  and people where here all the time – there’s one thing we learnt to organise from a young age and that was a party! So we’re pretty adept at wedding planning.

And of course helping Natalie and Esmond we have our wonderful team who help and support us. Florina, Andra, Madeline, and Alex who help us to maintain this beautiful space and who work hard throughout the year to ensure that the house and grounds look fantastic for your wedding day.

We are thrilled to be sharing Poundon House with you for your wedding and look forward to showing you around.

Many thanks to Martin Price Photography for the images. Martin is one of our recommended wedding photographers.


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