KAVYA + RIKESH are married at Poundon House. I am so thrilled to share this wonderful story with you. Recent wedding couple Kavya + Rikesh, who were married here in June, share their experience of Poundon House. Both have a background in creative writing, photography and social media, and their passion for creativity just shines … Read more

Win a notebook from Tovi Sorga

Tovi Sorga

Win a notebook from Tovi Sorga Our friends Aggi & Tovi from Tovi Sorga have very kindly gifted a beautiful notepad, English Summer Floral Print, which you can see HERE on their website, and we love it!   Needing a notebook to write down your wedding planning, or your ideas? Everyone needs a pretty notebook, … Read more


We are very sorry that we are no longer accepting any enquiries for new weddings at this time.