Nehal and Rob’s colourful Hindu Ceremony

Nehal and Rob’s colourful Hindu Ceremony photographs can be seen on Martin Price’s blog. This was a wonderful wedding with a Hindu Ceremony followed by Wedding Recepetion in the Marquee.

Here at Poundon House, we are really experienced at hosting Hindu Ceremony’s. We have over 10 years now of hosting weddings, so that’s a fair few weddings we’ve now helped to organise!

Martin: Nehal and Rob’s Poundon House Hindu Ceremony was another one of the highlights of my year, with so much colour and so much going on to photograph. Poundon is one of my favourite venues and this was my fourth wedding there this year.

I was accompanied for the day by my good friend and very talented photographer Gemma Chase. With so many guests and their love of many impromptu group photos, a second photographer is usually a must have add on for a Hindu wedding. It also meant that while I took Nehal and Rob away for their couple portraits and during the formal group photos, Gemma was able to continue with candid photos to make sure nothing was missed.

Just prior to the ceremony Rob made his ‘official’ arrival at the venue by tuk tuk accompanied by dhol drummers and the guests. It was certainly a spectacular entrance and the noise from the drums made sure it couldn’t go unnoticed. It was then on to the ceremony itself in a magnificent mandap on Poundon’s rear terrace.

The tuk tuk was used again following the Hindu ceremony for Nehal and Rob’s official departure. This gave an opportunity for the traditional blackmailing of the groom as Nehal’s sisters blocked it’s progress. Eventually they were allowed to depart but not until after some hard negotiations and a cash payment.

Following the speeches, the evening entertainment began with a demonstration from a pair of Bollywood dancers. The guests were then invited onto the dance floor for a Bollywood dancing workshop. Almost every guest took part and it certainly got them all in the mood to dance the night away!

Hindu wedding photographer
The Hindu wedding of Nehal and Rob


The colour and love that shines out in Nehal and Rob’s wedding is really brightening up our day. What a summer it was! take a peep on the blog Martin Price Photography. Martin is a regular at Poundon House and photographs many of our weddings. He really captures the colour and atmosphere of the day, as well as the little details.



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