Leaf Raking

With the wedding season over you’d be forgiven for thinking things would be a bit quieter here. But as always at Poundon House there are plenty of jobs to get on with. The recent spate of heavy winds and rain meant that top of the job list was to collect the leaves that had fallen.What we hoped would only be a morning’s work ended up taking two days to complete. We set about blowing and raking the leaves into piles, ready for the latest addition to Poundon House, a leaf vacuum to suck them up and collect them into the trailer, saving us the unenviable task of picking them up by hand.

It wasn’t the warmest of weather but as we were constantly on the go we didn’t feel the cold too badly. With the heavy mist and fog on Tuesday it was almost impossible to see the house from the entrance. By the end of the day we had finished most of the front lawn, leaving just the side garden, behind the marquee to complete.

As well as collecting the leaves we decided now would be as good a time as any to trim back some of the trees and hedges. By getting this done now they should be looking as good as ever by next summer. With another full trailer at the end of the day, the last of the leaves were collected.

Well that’s one job ticked off the list. Now to set about planning what to do next.

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