KAVYA + RIKESH are married at Poundon House.

I am so thrilled to share this wonderful story with you. Recent wedding couple Kavya + Rikesh, who were married here in June, share their experience of Poundon House. Both have a background in creative writing, photography and social media, and their passion for creativity just shines in their wedding, images and words. I saw some posts on Insta and instantly loved their style. A huge thankyou to you both for sharing, for choosing Poundon House, and for taking the time to write for us!!

In their words….

Our wedding was a product of meticulous planning and regimented schedules, planners and excel documents. Saying that, we were both absolutely in our element.

When it came to the wedding venue, we had a clear idea in mind in regards to the style we were after. Our wedding theme – invites, dress, detailing – was predominantly inspired by Mughal-era India, so we wanted everything to have an air of regality, history and charm.


Poundon House, a beautiful building of Edwardian-era England, was exactly what we were after. With quite a lot of our family flying in from various parts of the world (twelve different countries to be precise), the aim was to find a place that not only had charm, but a homely feel: as soon as you stepped inside, you felt comfortable. When we first went to view the house, heading into the driveway we were absolutely taken aback at how picturesque it all was.


Poundon House
Poundon House by rkzuk.com

The house, which was big enough to sleep all of our immediate family (win!), had incredible personality. As our backgrounds are in photography and creative design, we were elated to see that each room provided so many good scenes for portraits and detail shots. The fact that they were wonderfully comfortable to sleep in was an added bonus.

Esmond and Natalie were fantastic hosts, from the first moment we met to the last. You can tell how much pride they take in their home. And that’s the best part of it all. It’s a home.

A couple of hours into our arrival, Ricky found himself with some time to spare and immediately went on a quick photo-tour. It was the perfect opportunity to capture the house in all of its glory, prior to it being taken over with wedding day attire, excitement and general on-the-day madness. There was even a little time for a piano play.


I just love these photos by Rikesh. To see more of his photography & creative work, see his website here RKZUK.com.

Once the professional photos – by Alexa Penberthy so they will be amazing – are ready, we will be sharing more from this creative beautiful couple.

Here are their insta links so check them out as there’s lots of ideas and creativity there too! And a wedding photo or two which are utterly beautiful!




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