Indian wedding outfit of Rikesh in his own words

How do you choose your Indian wedding outfit? Our recent groom Rikesh works in creativity so his outfits were approached with the same attention to detail as all his work. His blog post is a great read into his ideas and planning of his wedding outfit to beautiful – now wife – Kavya.

Its so easy to be focused on bridal wear and what she wore so it was wonderful to read this blog post by one of our beautiful, artistic and also very photogenic couples about his Indian wedding outfit and how he choose it, the design and how he wanted it all to look.

Here is part one of his Indian Wedding Outfit blog post, and not only are the outfits incredible, but also the photography by super talented Alexa Penberthy gives the warm colours of red and gold an even warmer look, look that sets them off beautifully. She also captures the intricate details of his outfits beautifully too.

Colourful, with embroidery to dream of, these outfits have attention to detail that not only enconpasses the outfits, but also the backgournd as its the images as a whole that I love too. They just go so well with Poundon House – beautiful without being overstated. Regal without being ostenatious.

Here is the wedding outfits that Rikesh wore to his wedding to Kavya in his own words:-

‘Over the last few years, like most people, I’ve been obsessing over Sabysachi. Art direction and photography aside, their use of colour, motif and embroidery for their men’s sherwanis always left me in awe. In addition to this, I had started reading a lot of books around the Mughal Era (more on that later). My fascination of the art, the portraits, architecture, regality and dress grew in-kind and subsequently inspired the idea behind my outfit.

Working with the incredible menswear designer Saran Kohli, we spent a few evenings drafting concepts for my wedding suit. The aim was to make it as regal as possible, all the while avoiding anything ostentatious….

Read more here:-


We opted for a soft gold-on-gold sherwani, hand-embroidered and dotted with pearls. The finish ensured it looked elegant yet understated. This base allowed for a little bit of richness – primarily through accessories.


As tradition dictates, bride and groom colours very rarely stray from gold and red. We adapted a light silk cloth to create a rich red oversized shawl with a gold trim. The idea being the shawl would take centre stage and make the entire outfit pop. This was complemented by red velvet loafers with gold embroidery, and gold pleated trousers.


Rikesh and Kavya are both very creative people and work within creative & social media for work, you can hear more about their wedding, ideas, the planning process and more on Instagram by following them and their suppliers on Instagram, links below…






Costumes – Indian Groom outfit – custom-made by Rikesh and Saran Kohli

Glasses from Cubitts on Jermyn Street

Indian Bridal Wear  – Mokshaa

Groom Evening Reception Suit  & Waistcoat- Bencivenga Alta Sartoria

Groom shirt- Turnball & Asser Bespoke

Groom Cufflinks – Alice Made This


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