Working in a Winter Wonderland

This week the main task has been getting the house and the gardens ready for the open day this Saturday.

Just as in summer we mow the lawn more than once, come wintertime we have to collect the fallen leaves more than once. How do you collect leaves when temperatures are below freezing? With warm clothes and perseverance!With the ground frozen the leaf blowers do little in the way of moving anything so all the leaves had to be raked into piles by hand. To make things more challenging the leaf vacuum has also decided not to work in the cold conditions so all the piles had to be lifted onto the trailer manually. It’s only when technology doesn’t work that you really appreciate it.

No matter where we work in the garden or what we’re doing our friendly resident robin always follows us around. While he, or she, has no problem watching over us, it is very camera shy so you’ll have to forgive us for not getting a photograph.

Inside the house there has been plenty going on too. We’ve moved some furniture out of the dining room, yellow room and sitting room and given them all a bit of a tidy up, ready for the decorations to go up.

Meanwhile upstairs we’ve been busy in the loft laying more insulation and generally trying to make the house a little more winter proof. Fingers crossed it will all be done by the end of the year.

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