Better late than never!

Thinking about it we may have been a bit over optimistic with our goal to have the top level of the house fully insulated before Christmas. But the important thing is that it’s done now and we can tick it off our list.

As anyone who has ever laid loft insulation will know that it is not the easiest, nor the most pleasant of jobs to undertake.  Luckily with a willing team ready to visualise the  insulation laying more along the lines of extreme potholing, due to the limited space available and the distances needing to be covered, we made solid progress through the job.  Already we have been feeling the benefits and more importantly we can get the place looking like a home again, and less like a building site!

A quote from the job,

“Let us not speak of this ever again”!


We are very sorry that we are no longer accepting any enquiries for new weddings at this time.