Questions to ask your Asian Wedding Venue

Questions to ask your Asian Wedding Venue

Congratulations, you are getting married! But where do you start from here?

Organising a wedding can at first seem daunting, especially if you are not familiar with organising events. The first place to start is the venue, (of course we are slightly biased!) and from here most things will start to fall into place.

How do you go about finding an Asian Wedding Venue that understands all your requirements?

We are delighted you have discovered Poundon House – and our blog –  but how do you know if we are the right venue for you?

We have outlined some steps below that we have gathered from over ten years experience of hosting Asian weddings here at Poundon House. We do hope they will help you in your search and final decision about your wedding venue.

First steps – before you view any venue

The venue sets the scene and feel of the day. It is the canvas to your painting, in effect, and so its worth going over a few things before you start your shortlist.

Firstly, outline a rough guest list so you know how many guests you would like to invite. This will straight away limit some venues as options as most have a maximum capacity. Our maximum capacity is 350 guests.

Are you looking to have a Civil Ceremony along with your Blessing?

Here at Poundon House we have a Civil Licence but some venues will not have a Civil Licence which may mean you need to go to your local Registrars.

Where are you and your guests located? Poundon House has fantastic transport links to London, Birmingham, Oxford, and Milton Keynes and is located in Oxfordshire, so very central to the UK if guests are travelling from other areas as well as abroad. For airports we have Heathrow and Luton not far;- how far are you happy for your guests to travel?

Poundon House is situated within stunning countryside, so if you are looking for a sleek and modern setting, we are not right for you! But if you want a venue that conserves nature, with beautiful gardens and fields, is quiet and only ever offers exclusive use so there are no other people around, then put us on your shortlist!


Mandap on the Lawns

So they key questions to ask yourself first are:

  • How far are we (and our guests) willing to travel?
  • What style of wedding would we like?
  • What type of venue would be ideal for us? E.g. big hotel, country farm, stately home, quirky museum etc.
  • How many guests are we inviting (roughly)?
  • When would we like to get married?

If we tick all the above questions, then come and visit, its the only way to know if we are right for you! Poundon House is more beautiful than photos can ever capture!

Check the capacity of your venue

Our capacity is different depending on Civil Ceremony, Blessing or Reception as these are held in different areas of the house and grounds.

For a Blessing in the marquee we can go up to 350 and likewise for the Reception wedding breakfast and dancing.

We often host Outdoor Ceremonies too, and if the Mandap and guests are on the lower lawns, we can go up to 350 guests again.

If you are planning a wedding for over 350 guests we REALLY can’t squeeze anymore people at the venue. Couples who have loved the house and want more guests than we can fit, decide to host their wedding over several days to split up the arrival of the guests. Some may come to the henna party, some to the Civil Ceremony, some may leave after the Blessing e.t.c


Ask about logistics

We only ever offer exclusive use and are a family run venue managed by brother and sister Esmond and Natalie, so we will work personally with your logistics and do everything we can to make it work for you.

A few small things to consider are costume changes between Ceremonies and chair moving between Ceremonies. Also, think what your guests will be doing between Ceremonies – will they be having canapés or will they also need to change?

Travel, Accommodation and parking are also important things to consider and here at Poundon House we have lots of local hotels, however, if you want all your guests to stay over, then you may need to consider a hotel as we only have 9 bedrooms with 18 guests max – perfect for the two families and bridal party, but not for extended guests. Perhaps consider hiring a coach to take other guests to a local hotel which will help them with their logistics too.

What time do you want your party to finish? Some venues are restricted by planning consent, such as us, and will have a finishing time for music at 11pm with guests departed by midnight. Others, e.g. hotels and barns, where a marquee is not used may be able to extend their finishing time. We are also considerate of our neighbours and so would not extend the finishing time. The only alternative is to have a silent disco and pay overtime rates.

What do we need to think about with catering and wedding suppliers?

Does the venue have its own recommended caterers, or are you welcome to bring your own? What are you and your guests dietary requirements and can they be met by the venue?

Most venues will have an option of in house catering, and most will want you to buy their drinks from the venue as they can then mark up the prices. We are flexible here at Poundon House and do not charge corkage, nor do we insist on your using our recommended caterers – you are welcome to use your preferred choice.

Once you’ve chosen your wedding venue, its worth asking to see their recommended suppliers list.

But here at Poundon House its your day, your way! This means you can choose to work with who ever you wish!

Asian Wedding Venue

Finally, ask about bookings and fees

Once you have decided on your venue, its really important to find out what their costs include and also when payments are due. Also, do the costs quoted all include VAT?  At Poundon House we quote all prices inclusive of VAT so there are no surprises.  This will help you with your cash flow as you prepare for your wedding, and you do not want to start married life worrying about having gone over budget.

Most of your suppliers, venues included, will ask for deposits to confirm dates with balancing payments due closer to the wedding.

More of our Frequently Asked Questions can be seen here



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