Is a bridal suite included in the venue fee?

We do not include a bridal suite in the venue fee for overnight stay.

We do include the use of two dressing rooms for the daytime so that you might get ready at the house or use them if you require costume changes during the day.

How many people can fit in the various reception areas you have available?

We have a variety of rooms and spaces suitable for dining and receptions.  These figures are for guidance, you will need to speak to us so that we can advise you better.  (The capacity for the reception may not be the limiting factor on the number of guests attending your wedding at Poundon.)

  • Dining Room – 50 persons
  • Yellow room – 20 persons
  • Terrace Marquee – 80 persons
  • Reception Marquee – 350 persons

Can you hold outdoor ceremonies? What times of the year can they be held in?

If you are planning on having an outdoor Civil ceremony, then they can be held from 1st March till the 31st October.  Using the Reception Marquee  is considered an outdoor ceremony.  At this time we do not have any garden type structures for a dedicated outdoor Civil ceremony.

A ceremony using the Terrace Marquee for seating for your guests and the Yellow room as the licensed room is not considered an outdoor ceremony.

For any other ceremonies or blessings, the gardens are available.  We always make sure we have a solid back up plan (due to weather) and will work closely with you to plan the day that you are hoping for.

How do we contact the Registrars? How do we arrange a civil ceremony?

We are part of Buckinghamshire County Council (BCC) and you can contact the Buckinghamshire Register Office, Aylesbury on 01296 382 581.  It is best that you direct all your questions to them as we do not want to give you false information.  Please be advised that if you are planning on having two ceremonies on the same day, then the civil one must happen first.

If in doubt please consult the registrars about any details regarding the civil ceremony.

Do you offer Wedding coordinating services? Is there somebody from the house around on the day?

We do not offer formal coordinating services on your wedding day, but there will be somebody from the house available throughout the whole day to help with any problems should they arise.  On an informal basis, we will liaise directly with your caterers, band and other suppliers  during the day to make sure that everything is running smoothly and will be available to help them if required.


If you are having a Civil Ceremony then somebody from the venue will be actively involved in liaising between yourselves and the registrars until the ceremony is begun, and will then be on hand if any guests arrive late so that they might find and join the ceremony.


If you wish for something more than this, then we suggest the use of professional wedding coordinators or talk to us about your concerns and we will see if we may be able to help.  We are fully committed to making sure that your wedding day runs smoothly.


Do you need any other info from us in the run up to the big day?

We require a schedule closer to the day, that states your timings for the day, your suppliers (including any deliveries). as well a list of names of all your guests that are attending both the Ceremony and Reception.  This can all be entered using your client account.  Please try to keep your client account updated as it is a really useful resource for keeping us informed of your plans.  The details that you enter are also emailed to yourself for your reference.